University of West Georgia Greek Life


Alex McCrite - Sigma Kappa

What does Greek Life Mean to You?

Greek life to me is more than socials, pictures, cute shirts, and chanting. It’s about being part of something huge, something that is all across the country that can string you together with two simple letters. It’s about realizing that I was always meant to be part of Sigma Kappa from the very beginning, but didn’t realize it until I joined and understood the bond I had made. As corny as it sounds, it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Initially I did join for the cute stuff, the social aspects, and pictures, but now I’ve seen the big picture and realized that it is shaping me into a better person. 

Alex McCrite
VP of Membership
SIgma Kappa

Jessica Hollingworth - Sigma Kappa

What does Greek Life mean to me?

Greek Life has provided me an opportunity to a larger network of alums while making lifelong friendships. It’s a support system as well as a learning opportunity. It has taught me time and money management and prioritizing. I’ve also learned what it means to be a true friend and how to give back to the community. Joining Greek Life, to be in the sorority that fits me, is one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself.

Jessica Hollingworth
Sigma Kappa

Kassi Hayden - Chi Omega

Joining Greek Life, specifically Chi Omega, proved to be one of the best decisions I made throughout my time at West Georgia. It not only helped shape myself as a woman, it gave me the courage to push myself in all aspects of my life. I gained leadership and communication skills that I was able to carry with me into the working world.

I was surrounded by the best ladies on campus as they helped encourage me to live up my potential. I became actively involved on campus and in my sorority. Through my position as Treasurer, I learned quickly that I needed to be understanding of different personalities; I learned how to better manage my time; I gained confidence in public speaking; I learned just how determined and driven I am for success and happiness; I learned to budget – and budget well!

The confidence gained from support from my Chi Omega sisters encouraged me to step forth on campus with the West Georgia, the WOLF Internet Radio, as well as my courses. The Chi Omega symphony pushed me to strive for my high grades, to gain close friendships, and to live my life with a higher purpose. 

All of the above are just a few of the many reasons I thank Chi Omega and Greek Life as a whole for who I have become today. The skills I enhanced over my three years in college have helped land me an amazing job with Cox Media, to become financially independent, and have given me some of the best sisters and friends I could have.

I had no expectations with joining a sorority in 2008. While I may not be able to explain it, I have my Chi Omega sisters to thank for trusting and pushing me further than I imagined. Who would have thought that a mere 3 years later I would be living on my own in Atlanta and working for my dream company?


Chi Omega Alumni

Megan Barney- Chi Omega

My name is Megan Barney and I am a proud member of Chi Omega. This will be my second year in Chi Omega and I could not be happier. I did not rush my freshman year like many of my friends. I wanted to make sure it was truly what I wanted to do. Therefore, I rushed my sophomore year because I knew it was what I wanted. I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only because I am part of such a strong sisterhood, but also because I have a huge family through the Greek community. No matter what sorority or fraternity someone is in, we are all bound through our choice to be a part of Greek life. Through socials, Greek week, and philanthropy events, the Greek community is very close. It gives everyone who is involved, as a Greek, to have a family away from their family at home. For me, it is comforting to know that someone (no matter which organization they are affiliated with) is always there. Regardless, of what organization you join, you will find a family through the West Georgia Greek life.

 Best of Luck,
 Megan Barney ΧΩ

Chi Omega- Brittany Abrams

When I first came to West Georgia, I was 100% against joining a sorority. I thought sororities consisted of shallow and superficial girls who lived in a world that I would never be able to fit into or understand. However, I wasn’t even half way into my freshman year when I realized how incredibly wrong I was. It was a community that made a huge effort to be involved on campus and off campus and it was apparent how it was shaping the lives of the people I knew who had gone Greek. It didn’t take me long to decide that this was something that I needed to be a part of. After going through recruitment as a sophomore and joining Chi Omega, my entire perspective on college was changed… I was suddenly surrounded by over 70 girls who supported me, encouraged me, and inspired me to grow into a better person. Growing up as an only child, I never really had that feeling of “sisterhood” before. After I joined and as the year went on that word became more and more clear to me. I have truly made some of my best friends through Chi Omega that I know I will still have long after we graduate college. The bond of sisterhood is something that you can’t simply describe in words. It’s something that I feel every time I walk into our house, it’s something that I can see when I see a group of our sisters walking on campus, and it’s something that I can lean into when I feel like everything in my life is going wrong. It has made me a braver person knowing that I have sisters to fall back on, and has pushed me to want so much more for myself. It has taught me to take on responsibilities and take chances that I would have never dreamed of doing before. The best advice that I could offer someone who is still doubting whether or not Greek life is for them is to take the risk and do it. Each sorority on this campus has something different and amazing to offer and I truly believe that anyone can find their home just like I did. 

Order Of Omega New Members Fall 2011

Jessica Hunt                 Alpha Xi Delta

Julianne Evelti                Panhellenic

Ashley Brunson              Alpha Xi Delta

Megan Caldwell              Rho Gamma

Allyson Moore                Kappa Delta

Jennifer Johnson            Delta Delta Delta

Jihad Pratt                    Alpha Phi Alpha

Adam Elrod                    Pi Kappa Phi

Meitra Lak                     Sigma Kappa

Kimberly Johnson            Kappa Delta

Clint Smith                    Sigma Nu

Kristin Hall                     Alpha Kappa Alpha

Jessica Yarbrough           Alpha Gamma Delta

Alyshia Bailey                 Chi Omega

Rho Lambda New Members

Brooke Vermilya              Kappa Delta

Anica Wiebe                    Alpha Gamma Delta

Ashlyn Dinardo                 Phi Mu

Breanna Pitts                  Kappa Delta

Alyshia Bailey                  Chi Omega

Julianne Evelti                 Sigma Kappa

Ashley Anthony               Kappa Delta

Cassie Wallace                Chi Omega

Jessica Hunt                   Alpha Xi Delta

Jennifer Johnson             Delta Delta Delta

Megan Caldwell               Rho Gamma

Tori Langley                    Rho Gamma

Jessica Yarbrough            Alpha Gamma Delta

Allyson Moore                  Kappa Delta

Nicole Johnson                  Kappa Delta

Megan Adams                   Chi Omega

Greek Council Executive Board

President  Ally Kopp    

Executive VP Gregory Lewis    

VP of Admin Affairs  Megan Caldwell    

Philanthropy Chair Chelsea Sutton     

Greek Week Chair Mindy Smith    

Variety Show Chair Jennifer Manning     

Assistant G/W Chair Emily Pool     

Assistant V/S Chair Chelsea Goodman     

Greek Council Officer Ryan Dunn    

Greek Council Officer Ashley Handy    

Greek Council Officer Kristin Hall    

Greek Council Officer Tia Winters

NPHC Executive Board

President: Tammara Williams 

Executive VP of Academics: Javaris Hall 

VP of PR and Programming:  Sta’Nesha Johnson     

VP of Administrative Affairs Monica Willingham    

VP of Community Service Gregory Lewis 

College Panhellenic Council Exec Board 2012

President: Julianne Evelti

VP Recruitment: Jessica Howington

VP Administrative Affairs: Michaela Jorge

VP Internal: Whitney Van Rhee

VP External: Abbey Callahan

VP Public Relations: Caroline Hendron

VP Programming: Ali Aust